Don’t mention the F Word!

Research from Help the Aged (now AgeUK) and the University’s of Southampton & Manchester, examines the attitudes and feelings of older people towards falls prevention services and resources. It explores different approaches and ways of communicating falls prevention messages to older people, as well as ways of encouraging older people to take up falls prevention…

Human Kinetics Books and Courses

Produce innovative, informative products in all areas of physical activity that help people worldwide lead healthier, more active lives. The greatest challenge facing Human Kinetics is to convert all information about physical activity into knowledge–information that people can use to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our Healthier Nation (1999) DoH

The Our Healthier Nation Website is a major gateway to information on all aspects of Saving lives: Our Healthier Nation, the government-wide health strategy for England, published in July 1999. The OHN Website provides links to the wide range of related work across government. It aims to help professionals who are working to improve health…