Please ensure you can attend all face to face learning days of a course (where a course has more than one day) and are able to complete the online work in the required timeframe (where applicable) before applying. Defer costs will apply if you are unable to attend any days of the course after booking.

You can apply and view the full details of each course by clicking on the course name below.

If you want to view the dates of only one type of course (i.e PSI), use the main navigation menu to navigate via Courses to your course preference and select dates.

Course:Online Learning Enrolment:Face to Face LearningStatus:
Start Date:End Date:Number of Days:
London - FENG174
07-Aug-1904-Sep-1905-Nov-194Course started
Pieta, Malta - FMAL001
07-Aug-1918-Sep-1916-Oct-194No vacancies
Edinburgh - FSCO036
23-Aug-1921-Sep-1901-Dec-194Course started
Aylesbury - CENG090
N/A24-Sep-1922-Oct-194Course started
Hatfield - FENG173
28-Aug-1925-Sep-1921-Dec-194Course started
Leeds - FENG170
29-Aug-1926-Sep-1922-Nov-194Course started
Aberdeen - FSCO035
30-Aug-1928-Sep-1908-Dec-194Course started
Leicester - FENG177
12-Sep-1910-Oct-1904-Dec-194Course started
Loughborough - FENG176
Glasgow - N/A
Birmingham - N/A
London - OENG194
Leamington Spa - FENG178
16-Oct-1913-Nov-1910-Jan-204Reserves being taken
London - PSICPD063
N/A15-Nov-1915-Nov-191No vacancies
Wigan - OENG198
18-Oct-1916-Nov-1901-Dec-193Last few remaining vacancies
Moneymore - ONIR011
21-Oct-1918-Nov-1903-Dec-193No vacancies
Portsmouth - EfS044
25-Oct-1923-Nov-1917-Jan-204Reserves being taken
Colchester - PSICPD062
N/A03-Feb-2003-Feb-201No vacancies
Moreton-in-Marsh - OENG196
Stockport - OENG197
Portsmouth - FENG172
London - FENG179
Wolverhampton - FENG175

If there are no dates above for a course you are interested in, contact the LLT office. If there is enough interest in a geographical area we will instigate a course.