Please ensure you can attend all face to face learning days of a course (where a course has more than one day) and are able to complete the online work in the required timeframe (where applicable) before applying. Defer costs will apply if you are unable to attend any days of the course after booking.

You can apply and view the full details of each course by clicking on the course name below.

If you want to view the dates of only one type of course (i.e PSI), use the main navigation menu to navigate via Courses to your course preference and select dates.

Course: Online Learning Enrolment: Face to Face Learning Status:
Start Date: End Date: Number of Days:
Southampton - OENG179
18-Sep-18 16-Oct-18 01-Nov-18 3 Course started
Leicester - FENG162
12-Dec-18 09-Jan-19 08-Mar-19 4 Course started
Kirkby in Ashfield - FENG157
13-Dec-18 10-Jan-19 08-Mar-19 4 Course started
Runcorn - CENG084
N/A 17-Jan-19 22-Feb-19 4 Course started
Newport, Isle of Wight - CENG085
N/A 26-Jan-19 03-Mar-19 4 Course started
London - FENG161
02-Jan-19 30-Jan-19 28-Mar-19 4 Course started
Loughton - EfS043
10-Jan-19 07-Feb-19 09-Apr-19 4 Course started
Aldershot - OENG190
17-Jan-19 14-Feb-19 01-Mar-19 3 Course started
Andover - OENG183
24-Jan-19 21-Feb-19 18-Mar-19 3 Course started
Southampton - OENG180
24-Jan-19 21-Feb-19 08-Mar-19 3 Course started
Bury - FFMOT017
N/A 22-Feb-19 22-Feb-19 1 No vacancies
Edinburgh - FSCO034
25-Jan-19 23-Feb-19 21-Apr-19 4 Course started
Hove - OENG186
31-Jan-19 28-Feb-19 15-Mar-19 3 No vacancies
Plymouth - FENG167
13-Feb-19 13-Mar-19 05-May-19 4 No vacancies
Worcester - DEM043
23-Feb-19 23-Mar-19 23-Mar-19 1 No vacancies
Reading - FENG166
22-Feb-19 23-Mar-19 26-May-19 4 Vacancies
Leeds - PSICPD054
N/A 24-Mar-19 24-Mar-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - PSICPD051
N/A 26-Mar-19 26-Mar-19 1 Vacancies
Alfreton - OENG184
28-Feb-19 28-Mar-19 30-Apr-19 3 Reserves being taken
Loughborough - DEM044
01-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 1 No vacancies
Manchester - FENG164
02-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 02-Jun-19 4 Reserves being taken
Edinburgh - OSCO039
04-Mar-19 01-Apr-19 16-Apr-19 3 Vacancies
Llanishen, Cardiff - FFMOT020
N/A 04-Apr-19 04-Apr-19 1 Vacancies
Manchester - CENG087
N/A 08-Apr-19 12-May-19 4 Vacancies
Manchester - OENG187
14-Mar-19 11-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 3 Vacancies
Northampton - OENG191
27-Mar-19 24-Apr-19 08-May-19 2 Vacancies
Wolverhampton - FENG163
28-Mar-19 25-Apr-19 21-Jun-19 4 Vacancies
London - DEM040
04-Apr-19 02-May-19 02-May-19 1 Vacancies
Ryton (Gateshead) - FFMOT021
N/A 07-May-19 07-May-19 1 Vacancies
London - OENG188
11-Apr-19 09-May-19 30-May-19 3 Vacancies
Liverpool - DEM039
15-Apr-19 13-May-19 13-May-19 1 Vacancies
Henley - DEM041
18-Apr-19 16-May-19 16-May-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - CSCO014
N/A 18-May-19 23-Jun-19 4 Vacancies
Portsmouth - PSICPD055
N/A 19-May-19 19-May-19 1 Vacancies
London - FENG165
22-Apr-19 20-May-19 25-Jul-19 4 Vacancies
Stowmarket - FFMOT019
N/A 24-May-19 24-May-19 1 Vacancies
London - CENG086
N/A 30-May-19 02-Jul-19 4 Vacancies
London - MME009
N/A 13-Jun-19 13-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
Wolverhampton - MME008
N/A 18-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
Swindon - FFMOT018
N/A 19-Jun-19 19-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - DEM042
23-May-19 20-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
Peterborough - FFMOT022
N/A 27-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
London - PSICPD052
N/A 12-Jul-19 12-Jul-19 1 Vacancies
Leeds - PSICPD057
N/A 27-Jul-19 27-Jul-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - PSICPD056
N/A 07-Sep-19 07-Sep-19 1 Vacancies
Huntingdon - MME010
N/A 26-Sep-19 26-Sep-19 1 Vacancies
Edinburgh - MME007
N/A 01-Oct-19 01-Oct-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - N/A
N/A 26-Oct-19 26-Oct-19 1 Vacancies
Birmingham - N/A
N/A 02-Nov-19 02-Nov-19 1 Vacancies

If there are no dates above for a course you are interested in, contact the LLT office. If there is enough interest in a geographical area we will instigate a course.