Chair Based Exercise Leader
To provide up to date research and practice, knowledge and skills to Chair-Based Exercise Leaders

Introduction to our CBE CPD days

Later Life Training now offer 4 exciting top up training days for already qualified chair-based exercise leaders. They are designed to update knowledge and broaden the range of exercises you can deliver. This will encourage continued attendance, health benefits and enjoyment for your participants as well as motivating you and advancing your skills as an exercise leader. The cost of each CPD day is £110 + VAT. Each CPD day is a stand-alone product so you can book each day separately. CPD 1 and 2 are progressive in terms of exercise difficulty so we recommend they are attended in order i.e. CPD 1 before 2. CPD 3 can be attended at any stage. CPD 4 is for those who qualified some time ago and wish to gain insight into the new qualification which has 5 new exercises and focuses on a functional model of teaching.

  • There is no assessment (exam) associated with any of our CPD days
  • You will receive a Later Life Training attendance certificate following completion of each day
  • Fitness professionals will gain 6 CPD points for their REPS registration

Should you require any further information or to host a CPD day or to book a place please contact the LLT OfficeTerms and Conditions for hosts booking a CBE CPD day can be viewed here.

A summary of each day’s content is listed below:

CPD Day 1: Strengthen

  • A research update to allow you to assess research developments that may influence the way you deliver chair-based exercise.
  • A series of practical workshops to introduce 8 new exercises including some additional strength exercises, some new stretches and most importantly, some balance exercises.
  • An analysis of 3 UK models of best practice to give you more ideas and inside knowledge about how other localities run their programmes.

This CPD day receives 6 REPs points.

CPD Day 2: Progress

  • A research and practical delivery update on pelvic floor exercise to allow you to get up-to-date with physiotherapy approaches to helping prevent incontinence as we age.
  • A series of practical workshops to introduce 7 new exercises including strength, flexibility and balance activities.
  • A further practical workshop to advance your leading skills by improving your communication.
  • An introduction to other class formats (i.e. not always setting the chairs up in a circle) to allow more variety, interaction between individuals and fun within your sessions.

This CPD day receives 6 REPs points.

CPD Day 3: Gait and Games

  • Half the day is devoted to practical workshops investigating a variety of games that can easily be included in any chair-based exercise session in order to enliven and add a fun element to motivate your participants.
  • The rest of the day focuses on walking; a rationale for encouraging older people to include walking in their daily lives, strategies for achieving this even at low fitness and functional levels, an analysis of safe and effective walking technique and other safety factors such as the environment, footwear and clothing.

This CPD day receives 6 REPs points.

CPD Day 4: Update

The chair-based exercise qualification has undergone an extensive review and update and now has an additional component (endurance) and 5 new exercises, plus a new functional model approach to adapting exercise for impairments of normal functional movement.

LLT’s ‘Sit Tall, Stand Strong’ programme has a range of brand new resources to support delivery of chair based exercise programmes to help bring existing CBE leaders up to date with the new guidelines, new endurance component and new strength exercises for older adults and disabled adults.

If you are interested in attending this day please email the LLT office.

Further Progression

CBE Leaders interested in undertaking training on standing strength and balance exercises for frailer older people could go on to take the Otago Exercise Programme Leadership course or there is also the “Motivate Me!” one day course on how to effectively increase uptake and adherence to exercise in frailer older people.