To provide safe, effective and enjoyable exercise opportunities for independently active, older adults aiming to improve all components of fitness including muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness informed by best practice guidelines

Course Aims

This qualification covers the skills, knowledge and competence required to work in an unsupervised capacity leading exercise for independently active, older adults. The training includes considerations for safe and effective exercise and how to plan, adapt and deliver exercise programmes for independently active, older people.

Aims and Learning Outcomes

The learner will: understand the ageing process and ageing demographics, know the effects of ageing and inactivity and understand the benefits of physical activity and exercise, as well as the special considerations that must be taken into account when programming and delivering exercise for independently active, older people. The learner will: understand how to support and motivate the independently active, older adult in exercise and understand how to promote exercise for independently active, older people.


The LLT Older Adult training course delivers the skills, knowledge and competence required of the exercise leader in order to work in an unsupervised capacity with independently active, older people. The course covers the considerations for safe, effective and evidence-based exercise and how to plan, adapt and deliver exercise programmes for the general older adult population (apparently healthy, community dwelling, older people).

The course is designed for qualified exercise professionals wishing to deliver community-based exercise to the general older population i.e. those who are relatively well and independent in all activities of daily living. It includes the physiology of ageing, adapting exercise to meet the needs of independently active, older people, as well as practical exercise workshops considering gym equipment, smaller equipment such as resistance bands and group exercise to music.


On day one of the course, all candidates will be supplied an LLT course Manual and a CYQ Learner Assessment Record.


The course runs over 2 full non-consecutive days (9 am – 5.30 pm).


All successful candidates will receive a Later Life Training Certificate or a CYQ Certificate. This qualification comprises two units. Learners are expected to complete both units successfully in order to gain certification. Those not wishing to sit the assessments (or unsuccessful) will receive an LLT Certificate of Attendance.

Using the Qualification

It is anticipated that successful learners will use this qualification and their knowledge learned in:

  • Group exercise in community halls/centres
  • Gym programmes or group exercise in leisure centres/health clubs
  • GP Referral programmes (if L3 GP Referral qualification is also held)
  • Home-Based Programmes
  • Personal Training

and to make existing group sessions (pilates, yoga, exercise to music) more inclusive.

You can download a flyer here.


The Older Adult training course is validated by YMCA Awards, endorsed by PD;Approval (now managing all endorsements previously of Skills Active), and recognised by The Register of Exercise Professionals (20 REPs points). The content is mapped against the newly updated units. Successful candidates will receive a YMCA Awards certificate. The total QCF credit value for this qualification is 4.

  • Assessment element 1: Externally set 45-minute theory test from CYQ. Questions relate to the syllabus for ‘Considerations for safe and effective exercise for independently active, older people’ unit. The theory test comprises 30 questions (1 mark per question) and learners must achieve a minimum of 21 marks overall to pass (70%).
  • Assessment element 2: the ‘Plan and adapt exercise programmes for independently active, older people’ worksheet.
  • Assessment element 3: Case Study and Progressive Programme.
  • Assessment Appeals Procedure – If you wish to make an appeal against your assessment decision, please complete the form contained within our LLT Appeals Procedure.

The full course cost is £295 + VAT per applicant and includes the Course Manuals, Assessments and Certification. You may be eligible for a discount, see if you qualify.Refer/Defer CostsShould you refer (or be unable to attend the set assessment day – defer), there are resit costs:
Assessment element 1 – £25 (incl. VAT)
Assessment element 2 – £25 (incl. VAT)
Assessment element 3 – £25 (incl. VAT)
Plus you may have to take into consideration costs for travel and accommodation if the new course assessments are not local.

Hosting a Course

If you are interested in hosting an Older Adult course in your area, we do offer discounts to hosts depending on the number of applicants enrolled, just contact the LLT Office.

You can apply online here, but first we ask that you ensure you have read the Eligibility Guidelines and the statement about Medical Conditions and Learning Support Requirements below. You should also have read the Older Adult Terms and Conditions. Course dates can be found here. If there are no courses currently in your area we will initiate a course as soon as there is enough interest but we cannot guarantee a timeframe for this.

Medical Conditions and Learning Support Requirements

We encourage everyone to be responsible for their own learning. In light of this, we ask that you please inform us, at point of application, about any learning support requirements and/or medical conditions support that will help you to access our course content and learn effectively. All information will be treated confidentially and we will make reasonable adjustments to meet your needs. If you happen to have a latex allergy, for example, please tell us and we can provide a latex free theraband for your course.


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Many LLT Older Adults instructors also go on to qualify as PSIs or EfS Instructors, CBE leaders, or OEP leaders. You may also be interested in the courses we run on Motivation to exercise.