‘Movement Snacking’ Active Calendar 2021


Please note that orders can take 5 – 7 working days


The LLT Movement Snacking 2021 Calendar comes with even more content than our 2020 edition. Additional seated options, clearer progress tracking checks and additional movements from everyday life to help build new daily routines.

If you are an organisation or LLT Education Connect Member with an interest in purchasing an unlimited self-print license (T&Cs apply) please email us on info@laterlifetraining.co.uk with subject heading ‘2021 Calendar’

The 2021 Calendar includes the following movements from everyday life:

  • Circulation boosting march
  • Morning mobility routine
  • Rising from a chair
  • A daily stretch routine
  • Sideways stepping (plus seated alternative)
  • Heel raises and toe raises
  • Upper back squeezes
  • Knee bends in 3 positions
  • Wall press and wrist strengthener
  • Directional stepping (plus seated alternative)
  • Flamingo swing (plus seated alternative)
  • x2 two daily movement routines
  • Getting up from the floor resource

Plus a series of progress checks and prompts

Please note: Our self-print licence is available to specific regional organisations i.e NHS Trusts but not to large National organisations.