Welcome to LLT’s Resources for Older People and their Carers. We are pleased you are wanting to know more about physical activity and exercise. On this page you can find several categories of resources that we think are appropriate – including advice leaflets, websites and books / videos and DVDs showing actual exercises you can do at home. Just click the links below to view.

If you already attend a class delivered by a Later Life Training qualified instructor, we have freely available home exercise booklets to support your supervised sessions, click here to download.

Advice/Leaflets        Books on exercise        Videos/DVD’s        Websites

Alternatively, you may want to find a Falls Service or a Later Life Training Qualified Specialist Exercise Instructor near you.

You can also find further information on local classes to you by visiting your local library or by typing “Falls Exercise Classes in Ealing” (substituting your local town or district) into Google. Good luck…if you have any queries we would be happy to help, contact LLT.