If there are no dates below, contact the LLT office. If there is enough interest in a geographical area we will instigate a course.

Course: Online Learning Enrolment: Face to Face Learning Status:
Start Date: End Date: Number of Days:
London - FENG161
02-Jan-19 30-Jan-19 28-Mar-19 4 Course started
Edinburgh - FSCO034
25-Jan-19 23-Feb-19 21-Apr-19 4 Course started
Plymouth - FENG167
13-Feb-19 13-Mar-19 05-May-19 4 Course started
Reading - FENG166
22-Feb-19 23-Mar-19 26-May-19 4 Course started
Leeds - PSICPD054
N/A 24-Mar-19 24-Mar-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - PSICPD051
N/A 26-Mar-19 26-Mar-19 1 Vacancies
Manchester - FENG164
02-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 02-Jun-19 4 Reserves being taken
Wolverhampton - FENG163
28-Mar-19 25-Apr-19 21-Jun-19 4 Reserves being taken
Exeter - FENG168
29-Mar-19 27-Apr-19 30-Jun-19 4 No vacancies
Portsmouth - PSICPD055
N/A 19-May-19 19-May-19 1 Vacancies
London - FENG165
22-Apr-19 20-May-19 25-Jul-19 4 Vacancies
Manchester - PSICPD053
N/A 22-Jun-19 22-Jun-19 1 Vacancies
Huntingdon - FENG169
12-Jun-19 10-Jul-19 13-Sep-19 4 No vacancies
London - PSICPD052
N/A 12-Jul-19 12-Jul-19 1 Reserves being taken
Leeds - PSICPD057
N/A 27-Jul-19 27-Jul-19 1 Vacancies
Glasgow - PSICPD056
N/A 07-Sep-19 07-Sep-19 1 Vacancies